One special Lady

This below, would have to be one of my favourite quotes simply because of a few words from one special lady in my life.

I am generally a happy person, always have been. But like every one, as you grow up you start to encounter things and situations that make you struggle. Simply a road block on your adventure called ‘life’. For awhile, those road blocks were becoming so hard to overcome. I struggled with the fact that I wasn’t happy constantly and actually had to work to make my life and feelings better.

During this hard time, my Grandmother said a few words that little did I know, would change my life for the better and forever.  She once said to me, ‘You know what darling, life is always going to throw obstacles your way, but you will always handle it.’ ‘If you can just learn to take a positive out of every situation you find yourself in, your life will improve immensely.’

Still to this day, I think that is the best thing I have heard and I will carry that with me forever. If you can take a positive thing out of a bad situation, I guarantee you it makes you a better person. Yes, it is hard in the beginning to find that positivity- but when you do, it will become a habit and make you a happier person.

So think to yourself? Am I as happy as I can be? Am I pulling positives out of my negative balances? 

If you are– well done. Keep doing what you’re doing.

If you aren’t– please just think about what you just read. Try your hardest to adapt a positive attitude, and most importantly… talk! The biggest factor in any difficult situation.  Train your mind; and you will see the difference.

Until next time,
T   xo



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