Volunteering…6 months in

Volunteering; something I never realised made such a difference to so many people’s lives. 

I have always loved children; their smiles, their laughs, playing in the back yard to cuddling them until they fall asleep. I never was big on studying, so to me, University or TAFE just wasn’t on the cards. 

Many years later at age 22, I found something I may be interested in that would put me in a situation to care for kids like I’d wanted to for so many years now. 

It was to be a big Sister to a child in need. It was 4 hours every week for a minimum of a year. After a long thoughtul process, I decided with my work and netball commitments, this was an unrealistic commitment. It was then I came across a Volunteering option at a Children’s Hospital. It was only 2 hours a day, and however many days you could do in a week. This worked perfectly for me, as I could only be rostered on for a Tuesday night. 

It’s now been 6 months and I would NEVER look back. It’s the best decision I have ever made. For 2 and a half hours every Tuesday night, I rally up a trolley of toys, books and play dough and take them up to the bed sides of sick children in need of a play, laugh, smile or a simple chat. 

The kids are beautiful. They love that we make the time to play with them; and the parents, I just can’t explain. The amount of times they thank you, shed a tear or just give you a hug is all you need to know how much they appreciate you. 

In my mind, I will never stop being a Volunteer at this hospital unless something physically stops me. 

There are so many mixed emotions. Sadness and heart ache for kids experiencing such difficult times and pain. 

However, you walk away feeling grateful and happy that you could make their night a tiny bit better. 

To the kids I play with: I hope I make the short/long stay in hospital that little more bearable when I play games with you   

To the parents: I hope you enjoy seeing your Child have a small moment of happiness whilst in hospital when really they are in all sorts of pain. 

 To the nurses and doctors: You are more than wonderful, words can’t describe.

I definitely recommend this Volunteering position. 

“It has changed my life in so many ways already, I can’t wait to see what it changes in the future.”

Until next time- T.  xx



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