Two of the best. 

A Mother and Father are the two that brought you in to this world. They gave you life, cared for you, watched you grow and helped you.

As years pass, the bond between children and their parents can go in so many different directions. Fortunately, my direction was the best possible way.

I hold my Mother and Father in the highest regard. They are the two most generous, kind hearted, loving, giving, passionate people. They have given me everything and so much more.

I find it so sad that some children and Parental bonds don’t take the direction I’ve had.

The one thing I hope for when I think of having a family; is that I’m half the person my parents are today.

I can’t express in words the love I have for them, but I do know it shows no boundaries.

Your Parents are the people that no matter what happens, they will be there. Whether your parents have split, you’re angry at them or going through a difficult situation.. Please take the advice of ‘forgiveness’.

Because right when you really need someone, a Mother and Father are the best support. 

  My two rocks


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