Friends are going to leave you with so many emotions. Raw, cherished, sad, happy moments. The list goes on.

Some friends will bring out the best of you and continue to do that, some might only bring it out of you for a few years. Some friends are simply a chapter in the book, with the page turning over time.

I’ve had a lot of friends who are now past chapters. I will always be grateful for them however they aren’t a big part of my life anymore. They aren’t a constant.

I am lucky to have a few close friends who are writing out the whole book with me though. Ones who have been for there through thick and thin, who’ve hung around when times have gotten tough, who’ve simply had my back since our first day of friendship.

I will always be thankful, and I will continue to personally thank them for that. I think that is a big part of a lasting friendship- to simply cherish someone, and really mean it. So many people take friends for granted when it’s actually so much more.

The fact someone helps you grow, tells you wrong verse right, picks you up when you are falling, makes you laugh and puts in the effort is priceless.

Thank your friends, as much as possible. They are the ones helping you through this journey called ‘life’.


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