A friend’s love.

There are so many different friendships you obtain as you grow old. Like I’ve always said, some are only a small part of your journey and some hang around for the long haul. Then there’s that rather small few that will just never change.

I met a girl on a Cruise I went on from Sydney for my 18th Birthday, since then we’ve always kept in touch.  She resides in Sydney, myself from Brisbane.  Yeah, there were times where we didn’t speak for weeks or even months, but all it took was one phone call and many minutes of conversation on the phone to pick straight back up where we left off.

That was 5 years ago and I still hold the most precious bond with this woman.

She now has a family, 3 year old boy and a 14 month year old little girl. Watching her over the past few years I have felt so many emotions. I was hopeful at the start when I found out that she was pregnant that she would be a good Mother – not because I didn’t think she would be, but that’s just what I hoped for her. I remember the night she told me when she was first pregnant, I was over the moon and so happy for her.

Now I see her walking around with her two beautiful children and being the best possible Mother whilst still being that ray of sunshine she’s always been. I am so proud of the person she changed to be so that she could provide and look after her Family.  She had a partner, however times have been tough lately and she has walked around from an unhealthy relationship. We caught up just yesterday and she let me know that they had split and she had decided to leave- and that she didn’t want to tell me over just a phone call.  I am so glad I made the drive to Noosa to visit her.

She needed me, and I am SO glad that I could be there. We sat for hours over a 3 course meal and just discussed everything she’d been through and the options she has now that her future is up in the air. It was so nice to know that she could come to when she most needed it and feel safe to talk to me, because I know I would do the exact same thing with her. Friendship is really such a special thing.

I’m not sure where I wanted this post to go but I think there’s a few things that we could all pull from it.

A) Distance doesn’t affect a Friendship when effort is made
B) You are never alone, even if it feels that way
C) Don’t feel like you have to stay if you’re in a unhealthy relationship
D) Family is the most important
E) Talk!  Let it out, as hard as it may be, you need to try.

Until next time… T x


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