Mum + Dad.

My Parents are honestly the freaking best! I moved out of home about 8 months ago now in to the house that I purchased and my parents helped me out in every way possible. I wrote them this poem to thank them, however I always got tears in my eyes or got upset when I thought about giving it to them. They still haven’t read it – but I’m hoping one day soon, I will be able to let them read it so they know how thankful I am for the both of them.

From the day I made the decision, you were nothing but proud
Maybe because you were excited for me to leave, as I am far too loud
I know that’s not the case though, you were just so happy for me
But to get to where I am today, didn’t come easily

Without your love, help and support
I wouldn’t own a house, I’d be all out of sort
I cannot thank you both enough
Without you, life sure would have been tough

But now as I take the next step in life
I know that when I leave my towel on the floor, I will not get in strife
Thank you for always cleaning, washing and shopping
Now that it’s my turn to grow up, and do my own thing
I thank you for teaching me everything

I could have not done the move without both of you
and doing it alone, just would have been blue
Thank you for washing and packing everything up
If we did it at mine, means I’d have to clean up

I will miss you more than you think
But you’re always welcome for a drink
I can’t wait for you to come round
Just please don’t judge my dirty ground

I can’t put in to words how much you both mean to me
And how much living with you gave me so much glee
So thank you again for everything you did
But my new house is ready, there goes your last kid

As I write this poem with tears in my eyes
There are so many things that I start to realise
You are truly the best parents a girl could ask for
I can’t believe that I will no longer live there anymore
Who will rub on Lavender, when my head is sore?

I love you Mum and Dad,
You are everything to me
Even though Fischer Road no longer has three
There will always be the love between the two of you and me!


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