NEW YORK CITY: First Timer

New York, New York.

The most magical city I’ve ever been to, and definitely my favourite. I have been there 3 times now, and I’m about to head off again in a week. I’ve had many people ask why I keep going back, and like anywhere, there’s just so much to see. I haven’t seen the same thing twice in my 3 trips and that’s what I love about going back. But, for a first timer, there a few touristy must-see attractions, so I thought I would throw up a quick 4-day Itinerary for someone who is heading off for the first time with very little idea of what to do.


As you can tell by the photos below, Central Park is just amazing. I know everyone says to do it but it’s definitely something you CANNOT miss. You could almost spend a whole day walking around, but if you only have minimal time, I recommend seeing the Central Park Avenue end of the park, as it’s easy walking and there is plenty to see and the views overlooking Manhattan are awesome.

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2) 9/11 MEMORIAL.

Something so eerie and at times confronting, but 9/11 has been done so well. I highly recommend a visit to this area to learn about some of the history and to pay your respects. Even if you have barely any time, just to get to the Memorial Pools is something very special.


I know you’ll be pushing for time, but if you can manage a trip to Brooklyn (even if you have to catch the subway there, do it). Brooklyn is historical and some of the sights are unreal. But with minimal time, just do the more common things for your first trip. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge if you have the time, if not just seeing it is magical. Go to Washington Street, DUMBO and look at the ESB through a gap in the Manhattan Bridge. For people with more time, head to River Cafe, 1 Rooftop or Westlight for a drink and a bite to eat. The Brooklyn Brewery is cool too, as is a visit to Park Slope.



This sounds so simple and people look at me funny when I say it’s my favourite thing to do in New York, but the views you get are simply breathtaking, and they have free entry.. BONUS!! I have been to so many rooftop bars in New York and none of them disappoint. I’ll throw a few bar names here and if you get the chance to stop for a beer, or even lunch/dinner, you should.

230 Fifth Rooftop, Refinery Rooftop, Spyglass (pictured below), Skylark, The Roof at PUBLIC Hotel, Crown Bar at 50 Bowery, Mr. Purple + Le Bain at Standard High Line.

That’s nowhere near all of them, but it’s a bloody good start.  Enjoy!



Of course if you don’t have much time you won’t get to do this, but I couldn’t put this post up and not highly recommend it. It has been my favourite thing that I have ever done. Flying over New York by helicopter is absolutely incredible, you will not be disappointed and if you get the chance, DO IT. It really shows you the full perspective of such a huge city.  Check out the few photos I’ve put below of when I flew over in 2011.

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If you are ever heading to New York and want some pointers or recommendations, just send me a message, it’s actually somewhere I’m so passionate for and love helping people work a few little things out for their trip. And of course, I will take any recommendations of your own straight on board for my trip coming up.

Until next time, T xx

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