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Love yourself.

There are so many of us that just don’t want to be alone, that are always wanting someone by their side or desperately searching. You aren’t alone. Just because you don’t have a special someone in your life, doesn’t mean that you are not loved. Your Family, friends, colleagues, heck even strangers- they spread just as much love and light as a partner could.

I hate seeing people jump from one relationship to another so quickly. I think sometimes the fact of not having someone there scares people, but it shouldn’t. If anything, it should help you grow.

Not being in a relationship, I think is healthy for you. You learn to love yourself and take care of yourself without relying on someone to do it for you or to keep you grounded. This is only the way I look at, a lot of people would completely disagree. I just think that if you can learn to enjoy life and be full of happiness by yourself, you don’t have to rely on someone to do that for you and that’s the best way to be.

I have never been happier and I haven’t dated for a few years now. But in that time frame of not dating, I have truly found myself. I have found new passions that I never knew I loved, I made new friends and re-connected with some old ones. I realised how simple things in life can be the best. Things like going to the markets every Saturday, reading a book with a cup of tea on my back patio or buying myself fresh flowers each week. Things that everyone want other people to do for or with them, but are just as rewarding on your own. Cherish the small things, make them count. That’s what will make you happy.

I grew as a person, and I did it alone. You can too. Don’t be in a toxic relationship or situation and be unhappy, get out, have the time of your life and rediscover yourself – it will be one of the best things you do for yourself! I am not at all saying relationships are bad, they’re great. But if you are unhappy in yours, do the small things I’ve just written above and then you will know exactly when you’re ready for love again.

Life is one big adventure. Enjoy it. Always.

Until next time, T xo


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Goodbye Sugar..

I like to challenge myself.  I like to do things where I’m not sure if I will succeed at, or if I I will fail. Things that others may think I won’t be able to do.  About a month ago (after the holiday season) I noticed how much garbage I eat.  Compared to some, I’m not that bad but I still eat unhealthy food, a lot.  I noticed a few things lately with diets, cleanses and I thought I would perhaps purchase but then decided that I didn’t want to go on a ‘diet’ as such. I wasn’t doing this for weight loss, as I am quite happy with my figure, I just wanted to see a) if I could be strong and do it b) how my body handles it c) just how much sugar really does affect our bodies.  In the end I decided to Quit Sugar of all forms for 21 days.  I am roughly sticking to Sarah Wilson’s “I Quit Sugar” & Diane Sanfilippo “Sugar Detox” plans just for a rough guideline.

I started last Monday therefore I’m just over a week in to my ‘quit’ as such and I can’t believe how good I am feeling. So many people experience different side affects and feelings, however I couldn’t feel better if I tried.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a couple of small headaches and a day or two where I don’t have as much energy, but I still feel OK because I know that’s just my body adjusting to the change.

I don’t think I am going to stick to this forever, but it has definitely opened my mind to adjusting to a more sugar-free diet when I do decide to introduce it back in to my diet.  I am not saying it is for every one because it is hard completely cutting sugar from your diet, but it’s not impossible.  It’s hard at the start, but the more days you keep pushing on the easier it becomes.  I will put the list below that I am following in case some one is interested in giving it a go – and of course, if you have any questions then just ask!

Be kind to one another.
Until next time, T. ♥



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A bunch of Q&A’s

1) Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4. Type the sentence down below

Eyes up, footwork, passes (it’s a netball book)

2) Stretch your left arm out as far as you can, What can you touch?
My work phone and notepad

3) Before you started this survey, what were you doing?
Working and drinking my Latte

4) What is the last thing you watched on TV?

5) What are on the walls of the room you are in?
Photos of family and friends, whiteboard and a NRL Season Fixture calendar

6) Tell me something about you that most people don’t know.
I love to relax and debrief to myself – I am such an energetic person and happy 99% of the time. I love being that way, but sometimes that makes people think that you’re always OK.  I love nothing better than sitting back with a cup of tea and reflecting on things and having a sad moment if I need one.

7) Who made the last incoming call on your phone?
A Face time call from my Dad from London- can’t wait for them to come home.

8) What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer?
A few pictures from my phone.

9) Last time you swam in a pool?
A few weeks ago when I had a weekend away in Maroochydore.

10) Choice of clothes, branded or local?
Definitely local.  I see no point in paying ridiculous amounts of money for clothing that you can get sick of so easily and also the fact that for what some people pay for one item of clothing, I can almost get a whole outfit!

11) Your last massage? What type?
I used to go so frequently, but I haven’t been in so long.  It would have been a full body massage though.  I always contemplate what to get, but in the end I always go with the full body.  Once someone massages my shoulders or just my legs it leaves me wanting more.  Can’t go wrong with a full body.

12) What was the last thing you bought?
A TDE Clutch for my Mum for Mother’s Day

13) What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?
‘I wonder what today will bring?’

14) If you were to spend a day with a famous person, who would it be?
Sophia Bush.

15) Who sent the last text message you received?
Tahlia- one of my best friends.

16) Is the glass half empty or half full?

People say I’m a glass half full so I’ll go with that.

17) Would you go all out with PDA’s? (Public Display’s of Affection)

Only what I’m comfortable with.

18) How are you feeling right now?
Happy & grateful.

19) Would you consider going further on your first date, if everything goes well?
First date is getting to know each other, nothing else. If everything goes well from there, then I’d just have to look at planning more dates.

20) What is the last movie that you saw at the cinema?
I can’t even remember it was that long ago.  I’m not a cinema girl.

21) Do you sing in the shower?
Who doesn’t?  I don’t think I’ve ever gotten in and not sung.

22) Which came first the chicken or the egg?
The chicken…. Is this a trick question?

23) How many keys on your key ring?

WAY too many. It’s ridiculous!

24) What are your best physical features?
I like my eyes! But I am happy with what I’ve got, I’m far, far from perfect but there is no point in wishing you were something or someone else.  Be happy with what you were given and embrace it. No one is perfect.

25) What are your best characteristics?
I am easy going.  I am thoughtful and caring towards people and I love to have a laugh.  I like to think that I am happy majority of the time which I think more people need to do.

26) What is your favorite time of the day?

Sunrise or sunset…those parts of the day are just magical.

27) What would you say is your ‘dress’ code right now? Formal, casual, comfortable, minimal?

Casual and comfortable.

28) How many rings before you answer the phone?
Usually one or two at work, I don’t want to keep people waiting.

29) What is most important in life?
Family and being happy.

30) What are the places people are least likely to find you?
A Library, or a dentist- yuck.

31) An unforgettable moment(s)
Travelling with my Parents.  New York with one of my best friends.  Simple sunrise moments to appreciate life. Winning Grand Finals for netball with some of my best friends.

32) If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
For every one to lead a healthy lifestyle.

33) Do you like to dance?
After a few sneaky beverage, sure.

34) Would you ever consider living abroad?
I did think about it, but I have travelled a far bit and I just love coming home to Australia.  Don’t get me wrong, the world is just magnificent but nothing beats home.

Jump on board and answer the above questions- it really makes you think hard and be honest with yourself.  Let me know if you post the answers, I would love to have a read and learn new facts about people worldwide.

Thanks to ‘Inspirational Gem’ for posting her Answers for us to read and inspiring me to do the same.  Check out her page if you get a chance, worth the read: https://inspirationalgem.wordpress.com/

Sending happiness and love your way…
Until next time,  T  x


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I’m going to jump straight in to this.

Don’t take this as pointing fingers or thinking I’m trying to tell you the right way of life or how to live, this is simply my thoughts on my past experiences.

I think when you pin point certain things in your life, people often numerise their values in crazy orders. I’m not saying this is wrong, I just want to say that I think it’s an important factor. You don’t have to sit down one day and list each value and what order they come in. But think hard, as to what you want to achieve in life, what values you want have and which paths you want to follow.

I’m going to list a few of my values, in my choice of order and explain my reasoning.

    My most treasured value. The people who I look up to, who are they for me through thick and thin. Honest people who you can confide in, whenever you may need to. Never take your Family for granted, they are best people in your life.
    It comes as a broad subject.  I am not saying that you have to live the happiest life every single day. Things happen, your mood changes. All I’m saying is that there is always something to be happy about, even in your darkest days you can find a happy moment.  And in this time, if you can’t find that happiness, seek help to the people around you, let them help you find your piece of happiness, even if it only a small piece or lasts a few hours, let them help you.  Happiness is the best gift you will ever receive.
    Balance in your life is a must.  I won’t go in to detail with this one, as I could go on for paragraphs. But when you find your healthy and happy balance, you will know.  Don’t give up until you find it, it’s worth it.
    Being better than the people around you, not at all. None of that comes close to mattering. But being the best person you can possibly be and being happy with your look, status, personality- that’s a big importance in life. If you can come to terms with the person you are, (which everybody should) you will lead a healthy lifestyle.
    One word that you should not forget.  Be positive, always. Negativity gets you nowhere.
    Something that can change a person’s day. Always be thankful, it’s the easiest thing you can do and you never know how it could affect someone. ‘Thanks’ or ‘Thank You’, it’s really not that hard to say. Always be thankful, for your Parents, your siblings, your extended Family, your Partner, your Children, having a roof over your head, for food, a job, for anything.  We don’t stop and think about how lucky we are.  Thank the lady behind the counter for your coffee. So many people are worse off than we are, and sometimes all it takes is a simple ‘Thank you very much’ to put a smile on someone’s face or to simply cheer them up. Thank you goes a long way. And I think it’s a word that needs to be used more often.

This in no means is trying to say your Values should be the same as mine, or that I am in fact right on this topic.  It’s just my way of trying to show people just how lucky and fortunate we are and to never take something for granted.

Always be kind. Always be thankful. Be honest & learn to love.

Until next time.

T; xxx


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The other side of the world

Travel; something that everybody wants to do.

I have been lucky enough to travel to many places at such a young age of 22.

London, Paris, South of France, Germany.
Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Miami Beach, Orlando.

The list goes on.

The first thing I have to thank for all of this is my parent’s generosity.
I went on my first big trip in 2004 for a Baseball tournament with my two big brothers and it was a hell of an experience.

However, the biggest thanks comes to mind when I travelled with my parents at age 20 to Europe.  I paid my flights and they covered the rest.  Safe to say I experienced a side of the world so brilliantly with two marvellous humans for such a small price. I will be forever grateful for what they did, and I hope they know that.

The thing is for me, a lot of people wouldn’t want to travel with their parents. But for me, I couldn’t have asked for two better people to spend 5 and a half weeks with. Why not spend the time with people you love, you get a long with and don’t get sick of.

I hold such a special bond with my Mother and Father which is why I would choose to travel with them over a friend.

Below are going to be a few pictures from my adventures.

I can certainly recommend travelling young, get it out of your system and that start the maturing at a later age where housing etc. come along.

I think I have done it the right way, travelled young, and now purchasing a house age 22.

A lot of that I can thank my parents for.

Until next time.. T xx

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Right when you were happy…

Do you ever come to that point in life where you think to yourself, ‘Yeah, I am happiest I have been’.

Your Family are great, work is going well, your sport is still enjoyable and then you find someone who can make you smile no matter what and take your mind off things in an instant.

I went through heart break 2-3 years ago, and my goodness it took me so long to recover from it. I thought I found the one, turns out I was wrong. He was just a page in my book that the time had come to flip the page.  I loved him with everything I had, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t him that screwed it up, it was both of us.

But now, I am fully recovered.  I came across a new bloke who is so kind, tender, happy, generous and I thought nothing of it.  Left it for months before I even realised how much of a gentleman he was.  Then we started to hang out, and me being a typical girl months later had feelings. He has to go back home overseas every now and then which I think is great, he is such a giver and hard worker. He goes again soon, but I needed to know what he was feeling so I sent the message.

Told him that maybe we shouldn’t hang out because I was discovering feelings I didn’t want to and knew he didn’t feel the same. For some reason, who the hell knows what reason at all, I thought maybe he would come back with an answer I wanted to hear.  He didn’t.

He came back with ‘I don’t want to waste your time. Someone else would be more deserving and lucky enough if they had it.’  Part of me knew that was coming, 90% of me. But the 10% was holding on to getting a nice message back.

I don’t even know the purpose of this post, I just had to get it out somewhere.

A good thing to take from it is to always say what you’re feeling.  I left it too long, I should have said this a couple of months ago so that I could have had my answer and then stopped what I was starting to feel.

It’s hard telling someone so much, kissing them goodnight, having dinners and watching movies together and then one day it all stops, and they don’t want anything.

Why do all those things with me for the fun of it??

Anyway, that’s life.  It goes on.

Until next time.. T xx

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One special Lady

This below, would have to be one of my favourite quotes simply because of a few words from one special lady in my life.

I am generally a happy person, always have been. But like every one, as you grow up you start to encounter things and situations that make you struggle. Simply a road block on your adventure called ‘life’. For awhile, those road blocks were becoming so hard to overcome. I struggled with the fact that I wasn’t happy constantly and actually had to work to make my life and feelings better.

During this hard time, my Grandmother said a few words that little did I know, would change my life for the better and forever.  She once said to me, ‘You know what darling, life is always going to throw obstacles your way, but you will always handle it.’ ‘If you can just learn to take a positive out of every situation you find yourself in, your life will improve immensely.’

Still to this day, I think that is the best thing I have heard and I will carry that with me forever. If you can take a positive thing out of a bad situation, I guarantee you it makes you a better person. Yes, it is hard in the beginning to find that positivity- but when you do, it will become a habit and make you a happier person.

So think to yourself? Am I as happy as I can be? Am I pulling positives out of my negative balances? 

If you are– well done. Keep doing what you’re doing.

If you aren’t– please just think about what you just read. Try your hardest to adapt a positive attitude, and most importantly… talk! The biggest factor in any difficult situation.  Train your mind; and you will see the difference.

Until next time,
T   xo


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