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Love yourself.

There are so many of us that just don’t want to be alone, that are always wanting someone by their side or desperately searching. You aren’t alone. Just because you don’t have a special someone in your life, doesn’t mean that you are not loved. Your Family, friends, colleagues, heck even strangers- they spread just as much love and light as a partner could.

I hate seeing people jump from one relationship to another so quickly. I think sometimes the fact of not having someone there scares people, but it shouldn’t. If anything, it should help you grow.

Not being in a relationship, I think is healthy for you. You learn to love yourself and take care of yourself without relying on someone to do it for you or to keep you grounded. This is only the way I look at, a lot of people would completely disagree. I just think that if you can learn to enjoy life and be full of happiness by yourself, you don’t have to rely on someone to do that for you and that’s the best way to be.

I have never been happier and I haven’t dated for a few years now. But in that time frame of not dating, I have truly found myself. I have found new passions that I never knew I loved, I made new friends and re-connected with some old ones. I realised how simple things in life can be the best. Things like going to the markets every Saturday, reading a book with a cup of tea on my back patio or buying myself fresh flowers each week. Things that everyone want other people to do for or with them, but are just as rewarding on your own. Cherish the small things, make them count. That’s what will make you happy.

I grew as a person, and I did it alone. You can too. Don’t be in a toxic relationship or situation and be unhappy, get out, have the time of your life and rediscover yourself – it will be one of the best things you do for yourself! I am not at all saying relationships are bad, they’re great. But if you are unhappy in yours, do the small things I’ve just written above and then you will know exactly when you’re ready for love again.

Life is one big adventure. Enjoy it. Always.

Until next time, T xo


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I’m alone, but I don’t need you

When I say alone, I don’t mean it in a way that I am struggling or feel distant. I purely mean that I am single, not dating anyone nor am I interested in a certain someone.

I went through a rough few months, heck you could almost say it was a year where I relied on the catch-ups, text messages and the joy that I got from visiting someone whom I grew quite fond of. It was great for a few months, but then it all just changed. I was the only one making an effort to catch up, obviously feeling down and disappointed when all I used to get in reply was ‘I’m busy that day’ or ‘Don’t really have time at the moment’.

When I look back now, then and there I should have realised it was never going to work. I should have just said my piece and moved on with life but of course, a typical female, I stuck around for far too long. I would message my friends when he did something that annoyed me or didn’t want to catch up (rather than just telling him how I felt). I would message him almost every week for a catch up but more often than not, we wouldn’t do anything – and if we did, it was take out and a movie at home, never anything fun or a “date” as such.

After awhile, I got sick of it as anyone would. I would go a few weeks without speaking to him but then I would catch myself in glimpses of boredom or wanting that afternoon cuddle, and I sent the message and I would go and catch up (on his terms). I did this a few times until I really looked at myself and thought, why? Why put yourself through this, why let him determine when you get to see him and what you do, he only ever wanted to see you when he felt like it.

After too many months, I’m there! I have finally moved on. Why do we all just go with the flow, let people (not just men) treat us in a way we don’t want to be treated nor would we treat anyone else? I learnt so much in this time. Most times than not, we are worthy of so much more than we receive.

You receive the love you think you deserve, so don’t feel cocky or a little bit full of yourself when working out what you want in your relationship. Most of us deserve so much more than we actually think – just remember that! Don’t take as long as I did to work it out either, it’s so simple, we all know the answer deep down, just follow your heart and do what is right for YOU! You will be a better person for it in the long run.

Until next time, keep smiling!
T xo


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