My favourite destination

There’s just something about the way you feel when you decide to travel.

The weeks or months leading up to it give you so many mixed emotions. The sense of being disorganised or not well prepared but then the absolute excitement that you’re about to head away on a holiday. Whether it be just to Sydney, a little further to New Zealand or 20 something hours away, I always get that buzz. Travelling completely changes me, not to say it changes every one, but me, definitely.

I am always a energetic and happy person, but when it comes time to travel, I don’t know how but I become even happier, a smile as wide as my cheeks. Even when I go for a week, it feels like 2, a month feels like 6…and that’s the thing I love about holidaying.

I’ve been lucky enough to see a fair few places, all which have been so surreal and spectacular… I always thought that you could never have a favourite overseas travel destination because every place offers different things and are so unique in their own ways but I was wrong – I went somewhere (twice) and both times I left a part of me there.

New York City.

You hear the term ‘the city that never sleeps’ and kind of just think, ‘yeah, ok’ but until you see and experience it, that term is bang on. I find New York absolutely admirable. The sky, to the fresh air, high rises, rooftop bars, Central Park, literally everything in New York makes me ridiculously happy. To be honest, I can’t even explain why I love it so much, I just know that this one city, makes me feel so alive. More than I do any where else, even my own home town.

I have been twice now, I got to experience it with my parents which was amazing and the perfect people to spend my first time in New York with, it was very special. The second was for my 21st birthday, with my best friend at the time. We had a blast! Bike rides through Central Park, cocktails on rooftops, ice skating at the Rockefeller Centre and so much more. But the one moment that just stopped me in my tracks and made me feel like I had no care in the world was when we visited 230 Fifth. High above the city of New York was the most unbelievable bar, the staff were delightful, the drinks were spot on, my company was brilliant.  Put those few things together and you basically have the perfect night, the one thing that topped it off was it overlooked the Empire State Building.

I got the shivers at how perfect I felt in this moment and in fact, thinking about it still gives me that same feeling.  I hope I get to experience it again one day, in the exact same spot because in that moment, I felt complete. Whole.

I’ll post a photo below – check out the view. And please, if you are heading to New York, you HAVE to visit this marvelous bar. It’s impressively mind blowing to say the least.

Until next time, T xx



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